Chlorination & Tank Cleaning

Chlorinisation & Tank Cleaning

Keeping water tanks clean, will prevent slugging, sediment and scale, all of which provide favorable conditions in which Legionella bacteria can grow. Removing scale and biofilm is also important as bacteria can be hidden within a biofilm forming a barrier to disinfectants. Annual inspection of cold water storage tanks will determine if cleaning and disinfection is required, as stated in part 2 of the HSG274.Our cleaning and disinfection services are carried out by our in-house fully trained engineers, who follow specific method statements and procedure to ensure the work complies with the latest HSG274 and ACoPL8 including COSHH regulations. Our engineers receive specific technical training and are assessed on their practical and academic knowledge, in order to competently carry out this specialist cleaning work. We can either use chlorine or a product called Sanosil which is designed to be used in potable water. It also reduces the volume of water needed to flush through the system as it can be left to degrade naturally.

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